Let’s get this thing started already

Lauren told me to write a snarky welcome intro post. I really wish she would have just told me what to say. But she didn’t, so instead, I will say WELCOME FRIENDS, to San Frooklyn, a blog about pretty things and the cities that house them. Ok, that’s not entirely true. It’s not always about pretty things – it’s also about important things, new things, funny things, stupid things, and basically whatever we deem worthy of you reading. We’re like your internet filter…gleaning all the goodies so you don’t have to.

Things are still looking a little rocky…that’s what happens when a bunch of perfectionists try to make some graphics. It’s destined to take a while. Fear not though! The header will get spruced up, our posts will become more coherent, and reoccuring sections will develop. So far we’re planning on “That’s So Fresh!” (a mocking highlight of something that someone clearly thought was a groundbreaking idea, but in reality is just stupid), “That’s Sustainable!” (transforming a reality-tv dream of mine and Emily Wolf into a blog posting), and “I’d Hit That…” (spotlight on people in the design world who are doing something right).

And since I know Emily will actually read this blog (bless you for it), this first post is for you. You did introduce me to Natalie Dee, afterall.


2 Responses to Let’s get this thing started already

  1. Emily says:

    loves it!

  2. KatherineB says:

    San Frooklyn is fun to read. Ah, intelligent views (and reviews) with humor. Read it all and I’m looking forward to what’s next. Keep it up ladies, you got something here!

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