Marimekko at CB2

What is it about Finland that allows its companies to constantly produces the most amazing and beautiful designs? I must go there and find out what’s in the water. Case in point: Marimekko. The Finnish textile and clothing design company was established in 1951, and are still producing some of the most seriously beautiful fabrics and textiles today.

I was in the new (insanely awesome) San Francisco CB2 store last weekend with the Rachels, and I noticed they are now selling Marimekko fabric wall hangings! And they’re on sale! A cool alternative to wallpaper or posters, or even as room dividers, the 59″Wx90″H fabric panels have two aluminum rails for easy hanging. There are only a few patterns at CB2, unfortunately none of which I find particularly spectacular, but online fabric super haven Reprodepot has a huge selection of Marimekko panels (including my all-time favorite, HO-HOI!, pictured above. I will own you someday!), as well as other vintage reproductions, if you wanted to make your own.

keep reading to see the prints available at CB2


One Response to Marimekko at CB2

  1. sarah says:

    alex, i hope that you don’t devote a section of this awesome website to your experiments with fad diets. that was OUR idea!!! but i guess using yourself as a culinary guinea pig wouldn’t really fit with the cool and artsy focus that you have going here, so maybe i don’t need to worry.

    i miss you and i love the website!!!!

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