the house that Google built

It’s no secret that Lauren and I have a mission to get into the GooglePlex someday. And I’m willing to bet that we’re not the only ones curious enough about the master complex to dream up elaborate schemes for busting in. It’s not because we’re looking to steal any top Googley secrets or anything, but because the whole place is supposed to be an insane playground with clubhouses and glass-box conference rooms and tents for phonecalls…all designed by Clive Wilkinson.

Now the Google-plex master himself has designed his own home, and I’m equally jealous. Asking himself repeatedly through the design process, “How simple can you do it?” and “Do I need it?”, the space is constructed of three boxes stacked around a pool and social space. Mixing traditional materials with high technology, his house is clean and personal…and always social. (source)

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