TV on the Radio – Dear Science,

What a great Sunday night suprise! The newest TV on the Radio album Dear Science, comes out September 23, but just got leaked (hooray for the internets!). It took me about 10 seconds into the first song to decide this album was going to be great. It feels like there’s been a drought of good stuff being released, so I’m thrilled.  I’ve said before that TVOTR gave one of the best shows I’ve ever seen (Starlight Ballroom in 2006…Sarah Carroll knows what I’m talking about), and I stick to that claim. Now it sounds like they’ve backed off on the moody industrial sound to make a record with a solid dance sensibility, and since I plan on dancing my face off to them at Treasure Island Music Festival, thanks in advance. I’m off to listen to this a few more times.

TV on the Radio – \”Golden Age\”


One Response to TV on the Radio – Dear Science,

  1. sarah says:

    Yeah TV on the Radio!!! I can’t wait to listen to this when I go home tonight!!!

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