That’s So Fresh!: A Mobile Chinatown

That’s So Fresh! is San Frooklyn’s mocking highlight of something that some poor confused soul deemed a groundbreaking idea (read:”fresh!”), but in reality is just…stupid.

Beijing-based architects MAD have designed a conceptual, star-shaped, mobile Chinatown.  In attempts to mate the Fortress of Solitude with the Death Star, apparently. ←and yes, I am aware I just out-geeked myself there

From MAD:

Superstar: A Mobile China Town is MAD’s response to the redundant and increasingly out-of-date nature of the contemporary Chinatown. Rather than a sloppy patchwork of poor construction and nostalgia, the Superstar is a fully integrated, coherent, and above all modern upgrade of the 20th century Chinatown model. It’s a place to enjoy, to consume Chinese food, quality goods and cultural events; it’s a place to create and to produce, where citizens can use workshops to study, design and realize their ideas.

Part city, part inter-stellar battle station. No. No no no no NO.

(via Dezeen)


2 Responses to That’s So Fresh!: A Mobile Chinatown

  1. jasonlally says:

    Even though we are so far away, I feel like when I read your posts I’m right there with you. Go San Frooklyn!

  2. jasonlally says:

    Oh, by the way, I don’t get architects anymore…

    Watch the promo video for the Superstar!

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