I am seriously obsessed with this show.

Why have I not been watching it all this time??? Our severe lack of cable has kept me from following AMC’s Mad Men from the beginning, but oh am I catching up now. Think dramatic story lines + fantastic acting and character + amazing 60s set design + social commentary on mid-century america. IT IS SO GOOD!

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, as it just won the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series. The series follows some of the highest executives in a Madison Avenues advertising company in 1960. The acting is so subtle, so perfect. And the way they depict the horrifyingly archaic male-female relationships in the workplace? Amazing. And ok, yes, my not-so-secret love for mid-century design is fully satiated each episode – these sets are like my dream come true. I would seriously die for the chairs and couch from Don Draper’s office (see the 2nd photo is the gallery).

also, the opening credits…Hitchcock-inspired perfection:


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