Frank Lloyd Wright was a Maverick

(sorry, after the VP debates last night everything seems “maverick” to me today)

This has been written about on a few different design blogs lately, and I finally had time to sit down and watch the 1957 Frank Lloyd Wright interview with Mike Wallace. In the two-part interview, America’s Most Famous Architect talks about “religion, war, mercy killing, art, critics, his mile-high skyscraper, America’s youth, sex, morality, politics, nature, and death.” Watch for veteran reporter Mike Wallace as a young man grapple with Wright’s eccectric mannerisms and devil-may-care approach to his perception by the public.  Sometimes I forget just how badass FLW really was. “America’s foremost social rebel” indeed!


One Response to Frank Lloyd Wright was a Maverick

  1. Lex says:

    Note to self: Write a post about Musuems and Women by John Updike — he describes almost every musuem in NY without actually naming them. The one about the Guggenhiem is my favorite and he calls Ghery a wizard. Ah! Look at this teamwork!

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