Let’s Dance on a Gehry!

Because every building is more fun when you dance on it! Sens, a New York-based non-profit experimental arts organization, creates site-specific performance art that aims to “explore human movements in man-made landscapes, creating a performance language that interacts with the environment and the audience. Each creation uses an existing indoors/outdoors public site or piece of urban architecture as the setting and inspiration for the performance.”

Take Rapture for example. Located on (yes, ON) Frank Gehry’s Bard College Fisher Center in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, the performance featured dancers moving across the brushed stainless steel exterior of the building, using innovative rigging systems.

Keep reading for more (insane) photos of the performance.


2 Responses to Let’s Dance on a Gehry!

  1. burlando says:

    Ugh. Is this thing dead or what? I’m having a slow day at work, and you’re not helping. Hop to it!

  2. I Think it’s unusual but in a performance style, but it is similar on the par to what a window cleaner would do in his profession. This is the kind of installation i love off the normal side.

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