MusicMix Club – first contribution

So i found this posting on craigslist about a cd mix club: there are 8 members, each week someone is assigned to make a mix and then send it to the other 7. You’re encouraged to make covers, liner notes, etc. Mock all you want, but this totally feeds my mix-making jones.  This week was my week, and my inspiration came from lauren and her job down in the south bay, with a rugged hour+ commute each way, every day. She begged for some musical salvation amidst the chaos that is Caltrain, thus: “mornings really shouldn’t be this hard: a commuter mix”

keep reading for the playlist and downloads of the songs

Now I realize not all of us are plagued with a long train ride every morning, but unless you’re one of those lucky souls who gets to work at home, we all have a commute of some sort. Whether it be a 1/2 hour walk, a couple bus transfers, or a 15 minute bike ride, heading off to work in the morning can rough.  That’s where this mix comes in! Starting off upbeat yet mellow (no one wants to be slapped in the face upon waking), the 65 minutes gradually build until the last few songs give you the kick in the butt needed to start the day. Like a big cup of coffee, only indie pop style.

click the chart to the left to see artists, tracks, albums, and a little blurb on why each song was chosen (to download songs, right click and choose “Save File As”)

1. Human Highway, “The Sound”
2. The Features, “Baby’s Hammer”
3. Peter Sarstedt, “Where Do You Go To? (My Lovely)”
4. Takka Takka, “Everybody Say”
5. David Byrne & Brian Eno, “Strange Overtones”
6. Marching Band, “Gorgeous Behavior”
7. RickoLus, “There Is No Parade”
8. Dr. Dog, “Hang On”
9. Noah and the Whale, “5 Years Time”
10. The Decemberists, “Days of Elaine”
11. Math And Physics Club, “Weekend Away”
12. + / -, “Snowblind”
13. Jenny Lewis ft. Elvis Costello, “Carpetbaggers”
14. Vampire Weekend, “Ottoman”
15. Handsome Furs, “Dead + Rural”
16. TV on the Radio, “Golden Age”
17. Handsome Boy Modeling School, “If It Wasn’t For You”


    One Response to MusicMix Club – first contribution

    1. Lauren says:

      The American Association of Extreme Commuters has approved this mix as an officially designated coping mechanism.

      I can’t wait to hear the evening return mix! Also, Muni bus 30 smelled like death this morning. Can you add an olfactory component to the next one? Not to get too demanding or anything..

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