Hear that? It’s the sound of something awesome.

UPDATED 10.20.08: yup, she’s still awesome: [clearspring_widget title=”Saturday Night Live – Update: Palin Rap” wid=”4727a250e66f9723″ pid=”48fd0cab08c4e1d2″ width=”384″ height=”283″ domain=”widgets.nbc.com”]

OK, so this is not directly design related, but hear me out. Amy Poehler, who is supposedly getting her own spinoff of The Office (yesssss!) has started this new web series called Smart Girls at the Party. Aimed at young women and designed to improve their self-esteem, episodes will “feature interviews with girls who have unique talents and interests”, and guarantees to be as hilarious as anything else Amy Poehler ever does.

So what? First of all, I adore Amy Poehler and think that she and Tina Fey are the funniest thing that’s hit tv in a long long time. But also, to go all ya-ya sisterhood on you for a second, it’s rad that she’s trying to inspire an entire generation of girls to read a book instead of getting a tramp stamp. Overheard the other day: “So is Southern Ireland part of England then?” Save us Amy Poehler!


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