earthquake survival just got a lot more awesome…beyond, you know, surviving

The one bad thing about moving here (besides the unreasonable lack of quality bagels) is the immenent threat of large scale distruction and chaos via an earthquake. Word on the street is there’s gonna be a biggie sometime in the next 10 years, so we better prep. Today was “ShakeUPsf” Day (funny guys, seriously) where there was an earthquake drill at noon. But the city also launched what is one of the most awesome websites I’ve ever seen with a what-to-do-in-an-earthquake quiz.

This site is hilarious. You can learn things, like texting will be vital after a quake, and also you might spill your drink while dining…and that’s ok.

And the San Francisco design firm that did it, I Shot Him Because I Loved Him, Damn Him, is great. After you take the quiz, which, I’m serious, take it, you’ll love it, go to their website and check out their really cool aesthetic and the story behind the name.

3 Responses to earthquake survival just got a lot more awesome…beyond, you know, surviving

  1. sarah says:

    1. I am surprised to hear of the lack of bagels in SF, but I have never found a great bagel store in Philly either. The one at 3rd & South was pretty good, but it’s so inconvenient now that I don’t live in the QV!
    2. I spent all of college waiting for “the big one” to hit. I even carried around a bright orange whistle on my keychain so that I could be located if I was buried under rubble (don’t worry, it was free, I’m not crazy enough to BUY an earthquake whistle). It never happened, and I hope that you have the same good fortune! (Although I think a small, nonscary earthquake would be pretty cool, so I was disappointed we didn’t get one of those.)

  2. Sean says:

    But what do you do when the locusts swarm?

  3. […] house right across the street from Ocean Beach. All is awesome, except that it looks as though now, in addition to living in perpetual fear of earthquakes, I should be prepared for a giant TSUNAMI to hit my house. This sign, about 100 feet from my front […]

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