Credenza Hunt 2009


I want a credenza. I want a Danish modern credenza with short tapered legs and no drawers so we can store lots of records in it. I want to put the record player on top of it and have it sit next to the fireplace. This has launched into a full-fledged hunt since the only ones readily available on Craigslist/EBay/vintage stores are hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

After one particular Craigslist stakeout, I noticed that people use the term “credenza” pretty loosely. Sometimes it’ll look more like a buffet, or even a dresser. Basically, if it’s big and rectangular, people will call it a credenza. Wiki says a credenza is a “sideboard used in domestic or restaurant situations”. Thanks, that’s helpful. Nonetheless, these are more what I’m looking for:

via Design*Sponge, Bohemian Vintage, and Design*Sponge, respectively.

credenza4And then last night it was proposed, and decided, to build one ourselves, based off this one:


2 Responses to Credenza Hunt 2009

  1. sarah says:

    YAY, it’s back! those credenzas look awesome. i must admit i didn’t even know what a credenza was until i read this post. thank you for educating me!

    are you still going to madison in a few weeks? i hope so! i can’t wait to see you!!!!!! also, i think i will be in SF sometime in mid-august, at least for a couple of days, if things go according to plan. i will keep you posted.

  2. Anonymous says:

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