the ocean might eat me

I just moved to a great house right across the street from Ocean Beach. All is awesome, except that it looks as though now, in addition to living in perpetual fear of earthquakes, I should be prepared for a giant TSUNAMI to hit my house. This sign, about 100 feet from my front door:

tsunami I’m from New Jersey. The worst natural disasters we had to worry about were sometimes it snows kinda hard and there are lots of mosquitoes in the summer. This tsunami situation is very reminiscent of the Wisconsin Tornado Traumatization of my college years.

Apparently San Francisco has become certified as a ‘Tsunami Ready’ city. Phew! According to the city

“Phase I involves the installation of signs to indicate the inundation zone and evacuation routes.”

Despite the fact that death by tsunami is now a fear that will keep me up at night…as I listen through my open window to the apparently deadly waves crashing a few hundred yards away…these are pretty neat signs, graphically. The dude from the men’s bathroom sign is racing up a cliff, running away from one giant wave and three baby waves. I like.

But don’t worry, if a big tsunami comes, San Francisco won’t just tell you to run and wish you good luck. Additional (equally cool) signs dot the streets indicating safe tsunami evacuation routes:

tsunamisign2All in all, if my house is going to be swept away by a giant evil wave, at least I can be comforted by these hip signs on my way “to high ground or inland”.


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