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San Frooklyn is a gang of three, that will hopefully soon grow to more once we bully our friends into doing this with us.

Alex decided to break-up with New York after a long and tumultuous relationship. Born there and raised spitting distance across the river in New Jersey, she cut all east coast ties and shipped out to America’s Dairy Land for college. After 4 years in the “Berkeley of the Mid-West”, Alex bid adieu to the most kickin people she’s ever met (that’s a fact) and went to Penn for 2 years of grad-school, getting a masters in old timey stuff. Philly, while it has it’s charms, confirmed that Eastern Standard Time was just not right for her, and after being repeatedly told that they’re crazy and stupid, Alex and Lauren packed up the Pony Express and drove to San Francisco, jobless and homeless. But wait! The story has a happy ending! After crashing on many couches and nearly passing out on San Francisco hills, they found an apartment and jobs and eternal success and happiness.
Things that spark rousing dance parties: pre-fab housing, DIYers, Louis Kahn, screen-printed fabric, Greece, public transportation, The Pixies
Things that get ditched on the side of the road: mdf board, the planet getting hotter, the marina district, broken ipods, pigeons
Alex writes about: architecture, old stuff, music, crafting, and whatever else she feels like.

Alexis is still in a committed relationship with New York City. She was befriended by Alex many ages ago in the distant land of Wisconsin. She has since met Lauren in the more proximal land of Phili where the three got along famously over beer and fried stringbeans. She is honored to be San Frooklyn’s dutiful East Coast correspondent!
Things that get cupcakes baked for them: Dark foreboding movies, dark foreboding weather, Motown, Hitchock, Updike, and very select people on their birthdays.
Things that provoke angry glares: Currently every audience member at the Republican National Convention.
Alexis writes about: music, film, inventions and ideas, city culture, and whatever else she feels like.

Lauren came to San Francisco via Philadelphia and Nebraska.  She has lived in all of the American Time Zones and explored 42 states and 5 continents.  She thought the East Coast might be for her but realized her dreams lay westward after all.  No matter how worldly and over educated she becomes, she retains extensive prairie moxie with a touch of white trash ‘what’s up’.  She spends large chunks of time in her own special universe and can be creatively insatiable to a fault- but she usually ends up landing on her feet.  She feels fortunate to have met some truly fabulous beings on her life journey and is happy to live in a place that supplies her freak flag with hearty gusts of wind from the beautiful Bay.
Things that win gold stars: art by friends & fam, predatory cats, urban underbellies, spontaneous step routines, greyhound buses, community organizers, kitsch-cakes, grannies, furniture made out of other furniture, things that make your head spin the moment you spot them
Things that would get shivved in a prison fight: annoying Swedish teenagers on Caltrain, pretentious designers
Lauren writes about: urbanism, planning, landscape, graphics, and whatever else she feels like.


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