“Ferris, he never drives it! He just rubs it with a diaper!”

June 4, 2009

Normally, I really hate it when people post IM conversations on blogs, but this exchange I had with my mom the other day was too awesome to ignore:

3:09 PM mom: so if you have a couple of mil lying around you can buy the highlands park house that was in ferris bueller’s day off. http://www.cinemaspy.com/article.php?id=2466
me: i saw that!
it’s a pretty neat place
3:13 PM mom: just thought i’d check with you to see if you’d be interested
me: haha you gonna pick it up for me, an early christmas present?
mom: right




She was of course referencing Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (which, really, if you had to follow that link to figure out what movie I’m talking about, I’m very disappointed). The two steel and glass buildings cantilever over the ravine, with views of the surrounding woods.  Unfortunately, at $2.3 million, I will not be relocating anytime soon. Unless, of course, my mom follows through and gives it to me for Christmas. Fingers crossed!


these were just invisible posts!

May 28, 2009

Sorry for the tragic delay in updating lately. real life unleashed a billion new things to tackle, so the blog has sadly been neglected. but no more! frequent posting will resume…NOW.

“maybe i was doing things….maybe i come on too strong. it was lonely”

March 5, 2009

DIY fabric design

January 7, 2009

punch Dandelion_Retro_1birdy_blueTaking the DIY & craft movements to a whole new level, Spoonflower allows users to design their own high-quality fabric. No longer must you dig through cavernous fabric warehouses for that perfect print (though, that can be half fun). Spoonflower allows you to upload your own designs to your account, and then you can even make them public and available for sale, a la lulu.com. There’s no minimum fabric order and no set-up fee. Check out their Flickr gallery for more customer creations.

The Urban Gridded Notebook

January 5, 2009

COVERA notebook/journal for all urban design lovers. John Briscella has put together a “blank-page” notebook filled with pages consisting entirely of lightly printed street grids from different cities around the world. The prints are light enough to write/draw over, but complex enough to question what city you’re looking at (and yes, in the back of the books he does list which maps are what).  Available through Lulu (a personal fave after seeing their quality in a Christmas present I made up).

Keep reading for examples of the gridded pages… Read the rest of this entry »

maps + quilts = awesome

January 5, 2009

mapquilt11Madison, WI-based (respect!) Leah Evans has taken quilt making to a whole new level. Now urban nerds can geek out over your grandma’s oldest crafting tradition, as Evans uses appliqué, needle-felting, hand printing, and embroidery to embed the macro scale of satellite images onto quilts. Isthmus Nocturne (photo left) is A) Madison awesomeness, and B) seriously gorgeous. Do want!

because apparently I like children’s books

January 5, 2009

modernarchitecturepopupoverThe Modern Architecture Pop-Up Book showcases three-dimensional replications of some of the most innovative modern and contemporary architecture from around the world. This is a legitimately really cool book to play with, but what a good idea – reintroduce the three-dimensional qualities necessary to understand architecture into an innately 2D media. Love it! This is totally something I would get for my destined-to-be-giant-nerds children.