Yell for Yelle!

September 9, 2008

You don’t have a good reason to trust my taste yet — but I am about to wow you, folks, with my very first recommendation. (fanfare)  Yelle is a french babe who sings synthetic pop amazingness. Based on my faux knowledge of the french language (see?) from what I can decipher her lyrics are not necessarily substantive — but let’s all agree that pop is not about lyrics.  And lets also all agree that my french is not good enough to know for sure.  But what I do know is that it’s about making you dance uncontrollably.  Or jog in place.

I will be jogging in place to Yelle at Webster Hall in New York on 10/14.  And for all you California Dreamers out there, she’ll be jogging at Mezzanine in San Fransisco on 10/29 as well.

P.S. Try not to judge the creepy and rediculous intro to this vid (aren’t they all a little creepy and rediculous nowadays?) and admit, at least by the time she starts dancing, you wish you had a bob and that it looked that good on you.