i like stitching photos.

September 15, 2009

Untitled-1Click on the photo above to see it full size. Zoom in too. Please.

I posted a bunch of photos that I recently took on my new camera, and I finally got around to stitching together this panorama from 4th of July. After hanging out in the Mission, we climbed up Bernal Hill to watch fireworks (here for you non-San Franciscans). It was a beast of a climb (do not attempt in flip flops…learned that the hard way) but it provides one of the coolest views of the city.  It was too foggy to see most of the big city-sponsored fireworks, but the little ones being set off in the street in the Mission were way cooler.

Anyway, I took a bunch of photos with the intention of stitching them together to hopefully convey how rad this view is, and I only now got around to doing it. Yeah, sorry about that. But instead of dwelling on my procrastination, can we focus on how much I like stitching photos? I didn’t spend any time adjusting the light and color to make this look like one image, but man…panoramas are cool. Even when they’re faked.

art is the new CSA

August 3, 2009

Maybe I’ve been Northern California brainwashed, but I really like the idea of CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). You pay a weekly or monthly fee, and local farmers create a box of delicious fruits and veggies and deliver it to your door every week. I haven’t signed up for one yet because I’m way too broke for luxuries such as this, but local, seasonal, fresh produce delivered to your door every week sounds pretty awesome.

csaSo how about local, seasonal, fresh ART delivered to your door? The Compound Gallery in Oakland has a new service called Art In A Box, which follows that exact CSA model. Each month subscribers receive a new work of fine art by a different local artist, all in a variety of mediums (ceramic, printmaking, painting, collage, digital prints, etc.) and most of them live and work in Oakland or San Francisco.  AND it’s only $30-50 a month. Good luck finding cool art cheaper than that anywhere else.

And yeah, ok, art is totally subjective and what if you get something crazy one month that you just can’t justify putting up on your walls? You could give it away as a totally passive-aggressive gift, OR Compound Gallery will be sponsoring subscriber events where participants can get together and exchange artworks. Phew.

the ocean might eat me

June 9, 2009

I just moved to a great house right across the street from Ocean Beach. All is awesome, except that it looks as though now, in addition to living in perpetual fear of earthquakes, I should be prepared for a giant TSUNAMI to hit my house. This sign, about 100 feet from my front door:

tsunami I’m from New Jersey. The worst natural disasters we had to worry about were sometimes it snows kinda hard and there are lots of mosquitoes in the summer. This tsunami situation is very reminiscent of the Wisconsin Tornado Traumatization of my college years.

Apparently San Francisco has become certified as a ‘Tsunami Ready’ city. Phew! According to the city

“Phase I involves the installation of signs to indicate the inundation zone and evacuation routes.”

Despite the fact that death by tsunami is now a fear that will keep me up at night…as I listen through my open window to the apparently deadly waves crashing a few hundred yards away…these are pretty neat signs, graphically. The dude from the men’s bathroom sign is racing up a cliff, running away from one giant wave and three baby waves. I like.

But don’t worry, if a big tsunami comes, San Francisco won’t just tell you to run and wish you good luck. Additional (equally cool) signs dot the streets indicating safe tsunami evacuation routes:

tsunamisign2All in all, if my house is going to be swept away by a giant evil wave, at least I can be comforted by these hip signs on my way “to high ground or inland”.

earthquake survival just got a lot more awesome…beyond, you know, surviving

October 22, 2008

The one bad thing about moving here (besides the unreasonable lack of quality bagels) is the immenent threat of large scale distruction and chaos via an earthquake. Word on the street is there’s gonna be a biggie sometime in the next 10 years, so we better prep. Today was “ShakeUPsf” Day (funny guys, seriously) where there was an earthquake drill at noon. But the city also launched what is one of the most awesome websites I’ve ever seen with a what-to-do-in-an-earthquake quiz.

This site is hilarious. You can learn things, like texting will be vital after a quake, and also you might spill your drink while dining…and that’s ok.

And the San Francisco design firm that did it, I Shot Him Because I Loved Him, Damn Him, is great. After you take the quiz, which, I’m serious, take it, you’ll love it, go to their website and check out their really cool aesthetic and the story behind the name.

“Homethinking” is writing our blog for us…

October 21, 2008

Homethinking is a website that compares neighborhoods of different cities. Hey, wait a minute…isn’t that what THIS site kinda does? Since it’s technically a real estate company, they’re aiming at helping people relocate. There’s a bunch of different cities to choose from, but let’s see how they did on the San Francisco/New York ones, since we’re entitled to be San Frooklyn focused.

They say:
Noe Valley = Park Slope (yes, agreed)
Inner Richmond = Brownsville (hmm, I don’t know about that one)
Pac Heights = Carroll Gardens (ha, fo sho)
Bayview = East Brooklyn (discuss)

This will be helpful when we convince all you NYers to join us out here. It’ll happen soon. I promise.

San Francisco still loves Vertigo. A lot.

October 14, 2008

It’s the 50th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and city that played its own character film wants you to know it.

Shot largely in San Francisco, the movie has inspired dramatic reenactments, tours, screenings— and a new hotel. Sutter Street’s York Hotel— known in the film as the Empire Hotel— will reopen in December as Hotel Vertigo. Tag line: “Equilibrium is overrated.” Extra bonus perk: 24-hour in-room screenings.

THAT’S SUSTAINABLE!: The Bad News about Green Architecture

September 10, 2008

THAT’S SUSTAINABLE! is San Frooklyn’s report on society’s current obsession with all things “green”…a highlight of those doing it right, and a call-out of those who are doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Ok, before you rail on me for hating the planet, I think we can all agree that the term “green” has way over-saturated our culture, and the driving desire to be “sustainable” has tainted the goal of the movement. Case-in-point: at Peet’s yesterday morning, this woman in front of me orders an iced coffee…and asks for it in a paper hot-drink cup instead of the plastic cold-drink cups. When the guy behind the counter curiously asked why, her (beyond unnessarily snotty) friend barked “because it’s better for the environment!”. They then left the store, which is on an active pedestrian and transit-accessible main street….to get into their SUV. Seriously? Stop yelling at coffee shop servers and take a bus, woman!

Anyway, a new article in the upcoming issue of Newsweek highlights this exact conundrum with regard to architecture.

Keep reading for more, including the impending awesomeness that is the California Academy of Sciences, seen at left)

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