Time out.

June 9, 2009

I know this has nothing to do with design at all, but honestly, if you are going to complain about this video then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Sporting a preppy blond ‘do, white hightops and acid-washed jeans and toting his huge cell phone, it was Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell who showed up to promote his alter ego Mark-Paul’s TNT show, Raising the Bar—often by addressing the camera directly like a certain Bayside student we used to know and love.

“I had to change my name to Mark-Paul Gosselaar because there was already a Zack Morris in SAG,” Zack explained to Fallon, who strove to find out more about his guest’s summer working at the Malibu Sands and his ill-fated marriage to Kelly Kapowski.

Then the actor committed to a class reununion (as did Jessie, via big, huge cell phone) and joined house band the Roots for a rendition of the Zack Attack classic “Friends Forever.”


Eames awesomeness on Gossip Girl?

January 5, 2009

eames-chairInStyle has a feature on the Gossip Girl set, and even though I don’t really watch tv that much anymore [ed. because I don’t have cable…don’t worry Mel, I still download episodes on my computer], I’ve never noticed “Lily’s Office”. Apparently it has my absoluteofalltime favorite, the Eames Lounge Chair covered (shock! horror!) in a Missoni print. I kinda feel like you don’t mess with perfection on this one. Thoughts?

Hear that? It’s the sound of something awesome.

October 17, 2008

UPDATED 10.20.08: yup, she’s still awesome: [clearspring_widget title=”Saturday Night Live – Update: Palin Rap” wid=”4727a250e66f9723″ pid=”48fd0cab08c4e1d2″ width=”384″ height=”283″ domain=”widgets.nbc.com”]

OK, so this is not directly design related, but hear me out. Amy Poehler, who is supposedly getting her own spinoff of The Office (yesssss!) has started this new web series called Smart Girls at the Party. Aimed at young women and designed to improve their self-esteem, episodes will “feature interviews with girls who have unique talents and interests”, and guarantees to be as hilarious as anything else Amy Poehler ever does.

So what? First of all, I adore Amy Poehler and think that she and Tina Fey are the funniest thing that’s hit tv in a long long time. But also, to go all ya-ya sisterhood on you for a second, it’s rad that she’s trying to inspire an entire generation of girls to read a book instead of getting a tramp stamp. Overheard the other day: “So is Southern Ireland part of England then?” Save us Amy Poehler!

I am seriously obsessed with this show.

September 29, 2008

Why have I not been watching it all this time??? Our severe lack of cable has kept me from following AMC’s Mad Men from the beginning, but oh am I catching up now. Think dramatic story lines + fantastic acting and character + amazing 60s set design + social commentary on mid-century america. IT IS SO GOOD!

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, as it just won the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series. The series follows some of the highest executives in a Madison Avenues advertising company in 1960. The acting is so subtle, so perfect. And the way they depict the horrifyingly archaic male-female relationships in the workplace? Amazing. And ok, yes, my not-so-secret love for mid-century design is fully satiated each episode – these sets are like my dream come true. I would seriously die for the chairs and couch from Don Draper’s office (see the 2nd photo is the gallery).

also, the opening credits…Hitchcock-inspired perfection: